About Dynamics Coin

  • Dynamics Coin is a digital currency that can be sent between people over the internet. Dynamics Coin (DYX) stays true to the original vision of cryptocurrency: a financial system owned by its users, the people’s coin.
  • The Dynamics Coin provides rewards to the active members of Microsoft Dynamics community who helps others to leverage their skills and knowledge and build up a strong source of professionals in the community.

Why Dynamics coin is different?

  • Instead of being controlled by large banks or mining hardware manufacturers, Dynamics coin can be mined by anyone profitably. Dynamics Coin is developed by Microsoft Dynamics community members working as volunteers and the project is going to be fully funded by donations.
  • Dynamics coin is a finite resource like gold, you can rest assured that Dynamics coin will keep your money safe from vested interests and ensure that transaction fees are proportionate and shared between a large number of miners. Our goal is to bring innovative blockchain capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics clients.
  • You can use Dynamics Coin to view technical articles on Dynamics365KB.com.
  • You can use Dynamics Coin to download technical documents Dynamics365KB.com.
  • You can use Dynamics Coin to pay services provided by Dynamics experts on Dynamics365KB.com.
  • You can use Dynamics Coin to exchange for Dynamics BlockChain tokens.
  • People who create, discover and moderate good content should be rewarded for their work, however most social platforms currently do not have any monetization mechanism for their users. Furthermore, the status quo of free, ad-funded content on the internet has incentivized low quality, false, hateful content and poor curation. Dynamics365KB.com is a social platform with peer-to-peer monetization so that our users earn Dynamics Coin for creating and discovering good Microsoft Dynamics products relevant content and Dynamics users can pay for quality and curation. We do not have or need advertisements; our business model is to take a percentage of payments.


  • Dynamics Coin’s algorithm is designed to resist the development of custom mining hardware and multipool mining, ensuring that transactions are validated by a widely distributed network and avoiding the selling pressure when large mining pools indiscriminately flood the market with freshly mined coins. Our developers have pledged to take whatever steps are necessary to protect this coin from specialized mining equipment and make sure that it will always be possible to mine with consumer grade hardware. This is great news for miners because it offers the opportunity for all miners to compete fairly with each other, and not have to risk falling victim to unscrupulous hardware manufacturers who may fail to deliver pre-ordered equipment.
  • Algorithm: X11
  • Generation: 50 million
  • Block time: 1 minute
  • Block Rewards: 50 coins per block
  • Subsidy halves every 500,000 blocks (~11 months)
  • Difficulty Re-Target Time: Retargets every block (Kimoto’s Gravity Well)


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DynamicsCoin Core for Windows

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